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Hawg Hunters Bass Club was established in 1972, the purpose of this bass club is to improve members' skills as Bass Anglers through a free exchange of fishing techniques, promote Bass fishing as a competitive sport through a bass club tournament program, and support state and local fish and game laws and conservation measures which improve the sport of Bass fishing. While the focus of our club is Bass fishing, we do our part as Texans to promote conservation efforts and participate in worthwhile programs.

The Hawg Hunters Bass Club also promotes the sale of Texas Conservation License Plates. The proceeds are used by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to benefit big game, bass fishing, State Parks and other conservation efforts across the state.
Our bass club practices catch and release for each tournament. During the heat of summer, we use paper weight tournaments where the bass are measured and immediately released to prevent unnecessary additional stress to bass. Our members work to ensure proper disposal of all fishing gear, such as old line, hooks, plastic baits and other forms of trash.
Get Involved ! Texas offers a range of the finest freshwater fishing opportunities in the country. Our bass club is involved to help keep it that way for future generations of anglers. Visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife website at to see how you can help. Or you can join our club and help lead the way!